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Tenor Films is a Canadian film production house specialized in travel documentaries. The firm was born out of collaborations between Amy Arnold and Étienne Trépanier whose passion for travel and communications prompted the production of unique travel films. Their first feature-length film, Argentina: la Ruta 40 from the Altiplano to Tierra del Fuego, was well received by the Canadian public and, in the context of the Les Grands Explorateurs series, was viewed by over 100,000 persons. Offering more than a superficial account their travels, Amy Arnold and Étienne Trépanier immerse audiences in the reality of the country portrayed. Their fluid filming techniques allow them to capture spontaneous encounters and impromptu discoveries, resulting in products that reveal the authentic nature of the subject. With their new film, The Basque Country: A Nation Without Borders, the film-makers pursue their passion for global storytelling.


The firm’s name, Tenor Films, is inspired by Paul Trépanier, respected tenor and father of Étienne Trépanier. Influenced by his father’s artistic profession, Étienne possesses a special talent for pairing images and sound. His approach involves placing music at the forefront of the creative process, resulting in the effective communication of the desired message.


Étienne Trépanier
Étienne TrépanierTenor Films
A lawyer by trade, Étienne is also a self-taught film-maker. To bring the firm’s productions to life, he takes on the role of concept-developer, screenplay-writer, cameraman and editor. He masters video editing software such as Final Cut Pro and Motion, and is skilled at graphic design and the development of web-based multimedia platforms. He also possesses significant legal expertise related to Canadian regulations on the financing of audiovisual productions.
Amy Arnold
Amy ArnoldTenor Films
An expert in project management and communications, Amy plays a fundamental role in all projects that Tenor Films takes on. She is responsible for the firm’s strategic planning and leads in the coordination of specific projects. With her renowned attention to detail and her critical eye, Amy ensures that the firm’s products address client needs. She brings to the team an expertise in public administration and in international affairs, and a passion for languages and travel.