From the Altiplano to Tierra del Fuego

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The film Argentina’s Route 40 recounts the journey made by Amy Arnold and Étienne Trépanier to the edge of South America. For six months, camera in hand, the Trépanier-Arnold duo cover the 5000km of the mythical Ruta 40 (route 40), which connects the Andean highlands of northern Argentina, to Tierra del Fuego in the south. The film received a warm welcome and was seen by close to 100,000 Canadians as part of the Grands Explorateurs film series.

The film-makers share captivating images and allow the discovery of Argentina via a cast of colourful and endearing characters. This is an intimate film where passion becomes synonymous with Argentina.


arg_ruta40_boutonOur journey begins in the capital city of Buenos Aires, located on the banks of the Rio del Plata. Dubbed the “Paris” of South America, Buenos Aires is known worldwide for its tango and gaucho culture. Its inhabitants, the porteños, mostly descendants of European immigrants, live to the rhythm of neighborhood “ferias” that embody the pride and traditions of this fascinating people.

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“I have to congratulate you on your film filled with sincerity and wonder. Such beautiful images and a variety of subjects focussed on people and nature. (…)”
C. Allard, Québec, Québec
“(…) Étienne Trépanier and Amy Arnold have produced an extraordinary film, the best that I have seen in my four years as a member of Les Grands Explorateurs. What a flawless presentation…Based on the applause, the audience in Laval was won over. BRAVO!”
Jean, Laval Québec
“(…) The fi lm made us want to go to Argentina –a unanimous reaction amongst my three companions and I. Nature, food, and people were covered. Congratulations once again Étienne and Amy”
H. Côté, Longueuil, Québec