A Nation Without Borders

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The film we be showcased in movie theatres in Québec (Canada) between Septembre 2016 and March 2017 through the organization Les Aventuriers Voyageurs (in French only). Come and meet with us at one of our live film presentation.  Visit the Aventuriers Voyageurs for more information and screening schedule.

THE BASQUE COUNTRY - A Nation Without Borders

With their discovery documentary, Basque Country: a Nation without Borders, Amy Arnold and Étienne Trépanier invite you to explore the Basque Country, a little pocket of Europe with a strong identity, tucked away between Spain and France. This is the story of an encounter with a proud people who have preserved their distinctive language and traditions despite their status as a secular minority. Follow our film-makers on a journey of more than 12 000 km in an region of contrasts, including upscale resorts, valleys, and villages scattered within semi-desert plains. From the Beaches of Biarritz through to the gastronomic offerings of San Sebastián, avant-garde Bilbao or the medieval villages of Navarre, plunge into the exciting discovery of this cultural mosaic at the foot of the Pyrenees.