Four Seasons of Sandy Hill

Tenor Films presents a short video introducing the Sandy Hill neighbourhood in Ottawa where we are based. This experimental video showcases the four seasons of Sandy Hill through the yes of a young boy. The Sandy Hill neighbourhood is located south-west of the Ottawa (Ontario,Canada) downtown core. The University of Ottawa occupies a considerable portion of the area.

WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff

Tenor Films has produced a series of short videos for the WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff, a Montreal-based multinational corporation, to raise awareness amongst its employees on the importance of a compliance program and to promote ethics and good corporate governance. These short videos are related to the corporate compliance project developed by Tenor Films in association with the Canadian Centre of Excellence for Anti-Corruption (CCEAC) at the University of Ottawa and students from the Telfer School of Business MBA Program. Watch the corporate compliance videos produced in collaboration with the CCEAC


Tenor Films is producing video interviews for the Security and Policy Institute of Professional Development . This institute is a branch of the University of Ottawa Centre for Continuing Education. This video series entitled "Briefing Room" showcases leading security experts engage in dialogue and share expertise and analysis on emerging issues, and access articles and reports on current events and latest trends. Watch more of SPI's Briefing Room videos produced by Tenor Films on our YouTube Channel.


Tenor Film developed and produced the latest promotional videos of the Association of Justice Counsel. Short videos present members of the AJC talking about their work with the Department of Justice of Canada or the Public Prosecution Service of Canada. The Association of Justice Counsel (AJC) is the exclusive bargaining agent for approximately 2,700 lawyers employed by the government of Canada (“Federal Crown Counsel”), who work for the Department of Justice (“DOJ”), the Public Prosecution Service of Canada (“PPSC”), and provide in-house legal services to various federal agencies, tribunals and courts across the country. Learn more about Tenor Films's latest projects by visiting our YouTube Channel.


Tenor Films will has produced the Discover the Basque Country multimedia Portal. The portal showcases a range of products that bring the filmmakers’ journey throughout the Basque Country to life and the feature-film The Basque Country: A Nation Without Borders. The portal launch was announced in September 2014.


Tenor Films has produced THE BASQUE COUNTRY - A Nation Without Borders. With their latest discovery documentary, Basque Country: a Nation without Borders, Amy Arnold and Étienne Trépanier invite you to explore the Basque Country, a little pocket of Europe with a strong identity, tucked away between Spain and France. This is the story of an encounter with a proud people who have preserved their distinctive language and traditions despite their status as a secular minority. Follow our film-makers on a journey of more than 12 000 km in an region of contrasts, including upscale resorts, valleys, and villages scattered within semi-desert plains. From the Beaches of Biarritz through to the gastronomic offerings of San Sebastián, avant-garde Bilbao or the medieval villages of Navarre, plunge into the exciting discovery of this cultural mosaic at the foot of the Pyrenees. Watch the English Version of the film here.


Tenor Films has produced the film Argentina's Ruta 40 recounts the journey made by Amy Arnold and Étienne Trépanier to the edge of South America. For six months, camera in hand, the Trépanier-Arnold duo cover the 5000km of the mythical Ruta 40 (route 40), which connects the Andean highlands of northern Argentina, to Tierra del Fuego in the south. The film received a warm welcome and was seen by close to 100,000 Canadians as part of the Les Grands Explorateurs film series.


Tenor Films has produced the video Your Day in Court for the Tax Court of Canada. The video has been designed to assist appellants who intend to represent themselves at a hearing before the Tax Court of Canada.


Tenor Films produced a series of Promotional Videos for the Assocation of Justice Counsel 2014 Mobilization Campaign . The AJC represents federal lawyers who work for the Canadian Federal Public Service. Learn more about Tenor Films’s latest projects by visiting our YouTube Channel.


Tenor Films, in collaboration with the community of Bourget (Ontario), has produced a documentary feature-film about the history of Bourget Sacré-Coeur School to celebrate the school's 100th anniversary. The film was showcased during the celebrations and is now available on-line for viewing.